Since our inception nearly 10 years ago, the Poverty Law Section member base has both grown and diversified. Of our 500-plus members, many are outside the “traditional” nonprofit poverty law arena, including attorneys in private practice as well as those who are employed by municipalities or state agencies.

Poverty Law Section members are an amazing group. Some of us are legal firebrands. Some of us love the art of negotiation. Some of us believe that saying “I’m sorry” can sometimes move the hardest of hearts. But whatever our style of practice, the common thread that unites us is the belief that the judicial system will not work if it excludes those who cannot afford its benefits.

Whether inspired to join because of the work that PLS represents or interested in broadening their training by taking advantage of our monthly free CLE, attorneys and non-attorneys alike enjoy the benefits the Poverty Law Section has to offer. Click here to learn more about joining.